Boost your customer satisfactions scores

Do you know how often calls are missed in your dealership? If you’re not sure, how can you improve your call handling to find out?

Most of your customer interaction happens over the telephone. So shouldn’t your call handling be 100% efficient?

Do you know….?

  • How often calls are missed in your dealership?
  • Who are the missed callers?
  • If missed calls are forgotten about, how would you know?

If you’re not sure, how can you improve your call handling to find out?

Phone calls matter. In fact, they’re often the first contact a customer has with your dealership and every single one is a potential sales opportunity.

Poor call handling will have a big impact on both customer satisfaction levels and department revenue. This means that your team members need to offer a first class customer experience and make the most out of every call.

Integrated Telephony links your phone system and your customer database, so your staff can manage calls with the perfect blend of knowledge, speed and friendly efficiency.

Personalise your response

Greet customers by their first name using Screen Pops

As soon as the phone rings, Screen Pops show your team who is calling and automatically displays their CRM record, with all their vital information to hand.

The old
“Hello, can I take your vehicle registration number, please?”

The new
“Hello Mrs Smith, how are you? I see you are due a service for your Volkswagen Golf; can I help you with that today?

Don’t leave your customers hanging

Improve call handling using Presence

Customers hate to be kept waiting. Presence cuts call handling times by showing the availability of all team members at the click of a button. Manage the customer call confidently; make sure they will be answered when transferred, or get quick call back when necessary.

No more Post-it™ notes

Manage missed calls using Chat

Forget using Post-it notes or emails for call back reminders. If team members are busy with other customers when a call comes in, then send a Chat message to remind them to return the call later. Chat conversations are logged and viewable by managers to ensure these are followed up.

Are you ready to improve the call handling in your dealership?

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