Call Metrics: Insight is where the game is won or lost

Many dealers have no clear view of how their team is performing when it comes to call handling.

How much do you know about the call metrics that matter to your dealership?

When your customers call, they expect a first class experience. No long wait for their call to be answered, no hanging around on hold and certainly no broken promises to call them back.

That would never happen in your dealership, would it?

Even though most customer interaction still happens over the phone, many dealers have no clear view of how their team is performing when it comes to call handling.

Can you confidently answer the following questions?

  • How long do customers wait before their call is answered?
  • How many calls are missed in each department?
  • When are the peak call periods?
  • Are there any gaps in your call handling process?

Call Intelligence shows a clear view of all these vital stats and much more.

The data you need, at your fingertips

Call Intelligence provides reports on wait times, missed calls and call volumes at every hour of the day. A quick look over these stats will highlight any areas for concern, so you can act right away to keep your customers happy.

Call visibility, every step of the way

Call Intelligence reports shows the journey of a call through the dealership, so you can find out where the process is broken and who is missing calls or making customers wait. Every call is potential revenue opportunity, so how much is an inefficient process costing your dealership?

Monitor and improve your call handling process

Call Intelligence gives you the insight you need to create a perfect call handling process. Improve your daily operations, optimise staff levels at peak times and make sure your customers receive the first class experience they deserve.

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