Call Recording: A powerful way to train your team members

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Tracking the results of the phone calls in your dealership is the first step to improving how your team handle customer calls.

Poor handling of customer calls can really cost your dealership, but do you know how much?

Improving staff performance

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Tracking the results of the phone calls in your dealership is the first step to improving how your team handle customer calls.

Integrated Telephony(CTI) offers detailed reporting on the call metrics that matter and highlights the performance of all your staff. This means you can instantly spot any problem areas or training opportunities.

Defining the training needs

On average, how many calls does it take a Sales Consultant to make a sale? If a high number of calls results in a low number of sales, would you know?

More importantly, would you know why?

Using Call Recording, you can identify training needs and give constructive feedback for better results. Coach your team members to become more confident in objection handling and closing deals.

Since all inbound & outbound calls are automatically recorded and linked to a customer record in your Dealer Management System, it’s never been easier to find the call you want to discuss.

Although you may be concerned about how Call Recording will be perceived by employees, they often find the benefits outweigh their initial concerns.

Ian Dow from Knights BMW agrees; “I was quite sceptical about how Call Recording would be received by our staff, as I'm not the kind of Manager who sits behind them and listens in. Ironically, we found they took to it far better than I thought - during the pilot phase they actually wanted to use phones which were being recorded!

Maximise upselling opportunities

By listening to a selection of calls, you can quickly assess if staff are consistently upselling products and services. It’s a chance to identify any gaps in your scripts or call processes. Create a training plan that works for your dealership, so your team members make the most of every single call.

Protect your staff and customers

When your team are talking to customers regularly, sometimes misunderstandings or disputes can occur. It’s not nice when this happens, but if every call is recorded and stored, then disputes can be settled quickly and easily. This simple step can protect both your staff and your customers.

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