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Marketing Insights

How to manage negative online reviews and boost loyalty

How can dealerships manage negative online reviews and boost loyalty to increase their reputation in the automotive retail industry?


Improving communication to boost customer loyalty

Make sure you remain first choice for your customers. Use integrated marketing to stay in contact when it matters most and provide a 5 star experience with every interaction.


Sales Insights

Can you be sure staff are doing their best for your customers?

Your dealership staff are representing your brand whenever they interact with customers. Are they delivering the best possible experience for your brand?


Why automotive retail needs to be flexible in the digital age

How can dealerships keep up with the changing customer expectations of the three car buying generations?


Aftersales Insights

Be attentive in aftersales

Creating the best service booking experience is vital in keeping the modern customer loyal to your dealership.


Delight at every opportunity in the service department

Aftersales competition is tough. Learn how to increase loyalty in the service department and increase your bottom line.


Management Insights

Are retailers ready for the connected customer?

Ready for the connected custmer? Dealers need to understand the channels customers use, upskill their staff to manage these channels effectively and consider cover for out-of-hours queries.


10 ways DMS can boost profitability

10 ways a DMS can boost profitability for dealerships in the automotive retail industry.


IT Insights

The Security Risks of Outdated Software

There are always early adopters of technology – using the latest and greatest in their business and personal lives – and late adopters, who would rather let all the kinks get worked out by someone else first. And who needs a huge disruption to their business – to their life – just to upgrade technology that’s working just fine? You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Hosting versus managing your own server

When you calculate the real cost of maintaining your own server, there's much more to consider than simply buying the hardware.


Latest Insights - Customer experience


How Soon is Soon?

Watch the video to hear why speed and a quality response make all the difference with today's automotive customers.

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What’s your name again?

David Loveday, International Product Manager at CDK Global, advises the best ways to delight your customers every time they call your dealership.

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