Hosting versus managing your own server

When you calculate the real cost of maintaining your own server, there's much more to consider than simply buying the hardware.

Which solution costs more?

It is a common misconception that choosing a hosted solution is more expensive. However, if you are maintaining your own servers, there are many other factors to consider when calculating the real cost. It’s not just the expense of the hardware. What about upgrade costs, adding additional resources, server maintenance, data security, downtime prevention and backup plans?

Moreover, it’s imperative to have a resilient IT infrastructure that can scale with your business. If you acquire new sites, or need to use additional IT applications, would you need to upgrade your hardware? All this needs to be taken into account when managing your servers yourself.

Grow your business, without the IT headaches

Relax, we can help. Cloud Hosting (HSP) has been designed and developed with you in mind; it is the only customised hosting service which provides the ideal platform for your Dealer Management System.

When your dealership is ready to expand, simply add more users. Cloud Hosting (HSP) ensures that all the necessary skills and resources are available to look after your DMS and your data.

Benefit from:

    • ‘Per user’ model - only pay for the number of users you need
    • Resource added as required by new application versions.
    • Resource is available for your DMS today and in the future

CDK’s customised Cloud

CDK Global has over twenty years’ experience in providing DMS hosting to dealerships across the globe. We now manage more than 225,000 DMS users from our ten strategically located data centres.

We maintain the highest level of security at our hosting campuses and also have built-in provisions for disaster recovery. This means that we can confidently operate a Service Level Agreement that provides 99.5% uptime.

With Cloud Hosting (HSP) you can free up your valuable time to focus on your dealership and let CDK Global focus on looking after your DMS. You will never need to buy another DMS server, manage another upgrade or worry about resource constraints and downtime again.

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