Knights BMW

Integrated Telephony has definitely made the difference in being able to deliver the highest level of customer service
Ian Dow, Aftersales Director

Integrated Telephony (CTI) from CDK Global helps Knights deliver customer service excellence

The Customer

Knights are a BMW dealer group with 160 employees, serving the Staffordshire and West Midlands regions. 

The Challenge

Knights have always been dedicated to delivering superior customer service, especially when it came to call handling. They wanted to identify any improvement opportunities within their call processes and were also interested in recording calls for staff training purposes.

The Solution

Knights signed up for a pilot of Integrated Telephony (CTI) in their Aftersales Department. The CTI tools gave them the control they needed monitor their performance and make changes to their call processes. 
These tools included screen-popping of the customer record before answering a call, click to dial functionality from the DMS, call recording and call statistics.

The Outcome

Unique insight into processes

Says Ian Dow, Aftersales Director “What we thought we did and what we were actually doing were not the same. We started getting an insight into customer service and business processes that just hadn’t been possible before using the call recording system.”

As a result of listening to the recordings, Knights created a plan to increase the value of each customer interaction and identify missed upsell opportunities.

Employee protection

After introducing Integrated Telephony (CTI), any misunderstandings with customers were no longer an issue. The recording could be played back to avoid any confusion.

Staff training and development

Knights used call recording to highlight training opportunities. An external trainer is given a selection of call recordings and develops training plans to suit their specific needs.

An impressive alternative to mystery shoppers Knights no longer need to use costly mystery shoppers. With every call recorded, each one is a true mystery shop.

Visible Financial Benefits

In the first three months Ian reports noticing direct financial benefits and an average additional £299 worth of retail sales per day.

Award-winning customer service

Knights BMW won the 2012 Excellence in Customer Service Award at the AM Awards organised by AM magazine. Ian states that; "Integrated Telephony has definitely made the difference in being able to deliver the highest level of customer service."

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Knights BMW

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