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Some of the CTI features that Kohler have found particularly useful are the click to dial and presence – a feature that allows them to track the availability of the users and their status.

Building customer relationships one great call at a time

The Customer

Since 1925, Kohler Auto has been selling General Motors cars in the coal mining city of Witbank, east of Johannesburg, South Africa. Part of the Sewells Performance Group, they now sell Chevrolets, Isuzus and Opels to the people of Witbank and the surrounding province of Mpumalanga.

The Challenge

In the dealership world, customer relationships are everything – and those relationships can thrive or crash on the phone. Most people have experienced the dreaded hold music when calling a customer service line, even hearing the same song again and again before a real person actually picks up.

Kohler knew that its customers today simply wouldn't sit still for minutes of hold music. That's why they became the first dealership in South Africa to introduce CDK Global’s Integrated Telephony (CTI) into their business.

The Solution

The CTI system offers Kohler a wide range of benefits. The dealership can use it to monitor call activity and gain more understanding of how its team handles the daily stream of calls. CTI shows them how long each customer waits before a call is answered and how many calls are being missed per department.

Other CTI features that Kohler have found particularly useful are click-to-dial and presence – a feature that lets them track the availability and status users – and the personal touch of screen pop on answer and record pop.

Perhaps most importantly, managers can record, retrieve and review all conversations, so quality can always be checked to ensure that customers are receiving the high standard of service they expect. That information plays a key role as Kohler looks to improve the overall customer experience and meet rising expectations.

The Results

CTI is helping Kohler win customers and avoid the dreaded hold music. To get the most out of their new system, Kohler now maintain a clean database for sales and aftersales purposes. The dealership has developed efficient, personalised phone communication that plays a key role in building customer confidence and trust in the Kohler name.

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