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“It’s great that you can go back through previous modules if you didn’t understand everything or need further clarification on a particular process.” - Shivan Poolingam, Group Internal Auditor

McCarthy Motor Group is one of South Africa's largest motor retailing groups. With over 100 years in the motor industry, McCarthy’s brand is strongly rooted in family values, providing products and services across all automotive market segments to enhance the vehicle owner’s journey.

iLearn@CDKGlobal is pivotal for McCarthy Motor Group when implementing Autoline

The Dealer Management System (DMS) is the lifeblood of any dealership, so understanding how to use it effectively is vital. When McCarthy Motor Group chose to move to the CDK Global Autoline DMS, it was imperative all stakeholders were fully trained, including their internal auditing team.

McCarthy’s set minimum control standards that need to be adhered to for every discipline in every department. The internal auditing team then regularly measures every dealership within the group against these standards. Using iLearn@CDKGlobal, e-learning solution from CDK Global, the internal auditing team were quickly able to get themselves up to speed on the ins and outs of Autoline and understand how dealerships within the group would be using the system on a daily basis.

A 24/7 learning and development tool

iLearn@CDKGlobal provides a range of free online courses based around real-world scenarios, coupled with hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. It enables users to gain an in-depth understanding of the Autoline DMS in their own time and at their own pace. iLearn@CDKGlobal is fully user-driven and is accessible 24 hours a day. Users can log on and complete courses at a time that is convenient to them, perhaps outside of core business hours and courses can repeated if further reinforcement of a particular area is needed.

Shivan Poolingam, Group Internal Auditor commented “iLearn@CDKGlobal is a great way for users to learn at their own pace. I completed quite a bit of the online training in my own time; it was easy for me to log on in the evenings and complete 3 or 4 modules. This allowed me to focus on my job during working hours. It’s great that you can go back through previous modules if you didn’t understand everything or need further clarification on a particular process.”

Assessment and evaluation that really works

Using the iLearn@CDKGlobal certification programme, the training helps to build confidence, knowledge and experience and track employee’s success. With a required pass rate of at least 80%, using the selection of online tests, you can quickly establish the level of DMS awareness and knowledge each user has. 
Shivan comments, “Asking users to attain a pass rate of at least 80% was also helpful as it forces you to pay close attention when taking the course. It also helps to set a benchmark to monitor the progress of staff through their iLearn@CDKGlobal learning journeys.”

McCarthy Motor Group were also able to use the monitoring tools to measure individuals progress and ensure their  workforce where well prepared for their Autoline Classroom Training. The effort taken to complete the CDK Global iLearn journey makes a huge difference when Autoline goes live at each dealership.

iLearn@CDKGlobal – endorsed by the staff

Having used iLearn@CDKGlobal, internal auditors Tracy Thorp and Suraya Hussain commented “The iLearn@CDKGlobal journey was user friendly, insightful and helped give an overall feel for the entire Autoline DMS.”
“iLearn@CDKGlobal is an extremely important tool for all dealership employees and is the best way for staff to quickly get to grips with Autoline.”

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