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5 rules to improve customer loyalty

Watch the latest webinar for tips on how to take control of loyalty in your dealership


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Why increasing brand loyalty is important in your dealership

In the automotive industry, customer retention is the key to success. It’s now more important than ever to focus on our customers and the valued relationships that we form with them.


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How customer loyalty is shaping our industry

Many in the industry continue to direct their efforts on attracting new customers. But don’t forget, it’s equally important to retain the customers you already have.


Customer satisfaction: Process or necessity?

Receiving a 5-star rating on a single purchase may get you an attractive bonus in the short-term, but it has little long-term value if that customer doesn’t come back to you for their next purchase.


5 reasons why loyal customers can be more profitable

It’s all too easy to get carried away with attracting new customers – after all, the more customers you have the more profit you’re going to make, right? Well, not necessarily. Here are 5 reasons it pays to look after the customers you already have.


Attitudinal vs behavioural loyalty

In order to understand how loyalty can be nurtured and utilised, we must first understand the different types of loyalty a customer can display.


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Improving communication to boost customer loyalty

Make sure you remain first choice for your customers. Use integrated marketing to stay in contact when it matters most and provide a 5 star experience with every interaction.


Be attentive in aftersales

Creating the best service booking experience is vital in keeping the modern customer loyal to your dealership.


Delight at every opportunity in the service department

Aftersales competition is tough. Learn how to increase loyalty in the service department and increase your bottom line.